Sports Massage for Athletes

Extend the Life of Your Athletic Endeavors with a Sports Massage

Are you an athlete who wants peak performance and flexibility in your sport? Whether you are a biker, hiker, golfer, swimmer or tennis player, an invigorating sports massage will help you perform at your best! Sports massage keeps your body in better physical condition, helps prevent injuries, restores mobility to injured muscle tissue, boosts athletic performance and extends the life and good health of your athletic endeavors. Whether you are a professional athlete, or someone who just strives to maintain a high level of fitness, a sports massage from Kristina Lentz will allow you perform at your best.

Tight, dense muscles are prone to injury, and sport massage is especially effective for relaxing and lengthening tight muscles. When muscles tighten and spasm, they negatively affect all of the neighboring muscles as well. This results in a rapid deterioration of both power and co-ordination and decreases your mobility and performance in athletic activities. Regular sport massage releases muscle spasms, rapidly heals muscle injuries and helps prevent further injury. 

Addressing your joints and muscle attachments 

Kristina Lentz not only addresses your muscles, she also works on your joints and muscle attachments, so that your muscles and joints will glide more smoothly. Her sports massages involve deep, firm pressure without causing pain. Depending on your needs, her treatments may also include: Active Release Therapy, trigger point work, myofascial release, deep tissue, acupressure and orthopedic massage.

If you enjoy athletic activities and want to sustain your ability to do them throughout your lifetime, this treatment is for you. Whether you are a weekend athlete or someone who is full time in your sport, Kristina Lentz will help you maintain your body at its best. 


Sports massage is not just for athletes, but also for anyone with tight, dense muscles.