Intuitive, Healing Massage Therapy

Kristina Lentz offers intuitive, healing therapeutic massage for busy professionals, sports enthusiasts, stressed-out parents and anyone in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. She specializes in treating injury and pain of all kinds, from repetitive stress injury to chronic back and neck pain.

With more than 20 years of experience and training in a wide range of massage therapies, Kristina can offer her clients the techniques that best address their specific needs. For the stressed-out office worker straining over a desk, Kristina’s Swedish massages relax their entire body, ease tension and calm the nervous system. For her clients with pain and injuries, such as lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel, Kristina uses Active Release Technique, a cutting edge treatment that heals soft tissue. For her clients with migraine headaches, Kristina offers craniosacral therapy, which relaxes the cranial muscles and helps heal the nervous system.

​For the weekend athlete, Kristina’s sports and deep tissue massages lengthen and relax their tight, overused muscles and help prevent injury. For her clients recovering from an injury, such as an auto accident, Kristina’s injury recovery massage helps restore their muscle elasticity and range of motion and decrease their muscle pain.

Kristina’s quiet studio is located just minutes from Highway 101 at the Central San Rafael exit. She offers convenient weekday and weekend appointments.

Whether you are an avid sports enthusiast in need of a deep tissue massage or someone with chronic pain, a therapeutic massage from Beyond Massage in San Rafael will help you maintain your body at its best.

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